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Author: Laurie R. King
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780804177948
Category: Fiction

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A community comes together when threatened by someone with a thirst for revenge in this stunningly intricate, tautly plotted novel of rich psychological suspense from the New York Times bestselling author of the Mary Russell mysteries. Career Day at Guadalupe Middle School: A day given to innocent hopes and youthful dreams. A day no one in attendance will ever forget. A year ago, Principal Linda McDonald arrived at Guadalupe determined to overturn the school’s reputation for truancy, gang violence, and neglect. One of her initiatives is Career Day bringing together children, teachers, and community presenters in a celebration of the future. But there are some in attendance who reject McDonald’s bright vision. A principal with a secret. A husband with a murky past. A cop with too many questions. A kid under pressure to prove himself. A girl struggling to escape a mother’s history. A young basketball player with an affection for guns. Even the school janitor has a story he dare not reveal. But no one at the gathering anticipates the shocking turn of events that will transform a day of possibilities into an explosive confrontation. Tense, poignant, and brilliantly paced, Laurie R. King’s novel charts compelling characters on a collision course a chain of interactions that locks together hidden lives, troubling secrets, and the bravest impulses of the human heart. Praise for Lockdown“[Laura R.] King delivers, providing both a drama-filled anatomy of the school and a chance for its community to show its best by the way it confronts the worst Career Day imaginable.” Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “Shocking.” New York Post“A riveting story of suspense and tragedy out of the most seemingly mundane ingredients: kids and adults preparing for a day at school. The violence doesn’t explode until we’re well into the book, but the lead-up to the explosion has the feel of a brewing storm: we know something is going to happen, even if we don’t know what it is. A fine thriller, as timely as it is gripping.” Booklist (starred review) The award-winning novels of Laurie R. King are . . .  “Sharp, inventive and rewarding.” The Seattle Times “Audacious.” Los Angeles Times “Rousing . . . riveting . . . suspenseful.” Chicago Sun-Times “Impossible to put down.” Romantic Times “Beguiling . . . tantalizing.” The Boston Globe “Stunning.” The Christian Science Monitor “Delightful.” Booklist

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  • Lschwarzman
    LibraryThing Review Another great offering by King! Totally didn’t see the twist at the end. A little slow to start, but once I was about 80 pages in, I couldn’t put it down.
  • sleahey
    LibraryThing Review This suspenseful novel traces a pivotal day in a middle school, following various participants in a career day. By outlining the day chronologically from many points of view, and with the use of
  • debkrenzer
    LibraryThing Review Career day at Guadalupe High School is a big affair and you just know something very bad is going to happen that day. And, when it started, I was majorly surprised at who started it. King has several
  • velopunk
    LibraryThing Review A first year middle school principal decides to have a career day at her troubled school. There are many interesting characters in the book. Gordon, the principal’s husband, is a mysterious man who
  • JanicsEblen
    LibraryThing Review I am not one who likes to write a typical review. Those written before me do a very nice job of doing traditional reviews. I want to say that I could not put this book down I began reading it on
  • brookeott
    LibraryThing Review This novel was full of suspense. I really liked the way it was organized into chapters by person which added to the intrigue. At one point I was afraid that it was not going to live up to its promise
  • PaperDollLady
    LibraryThing Review In LOCKDOWN, the title alone is enough to send a shudder through anyone having a school age child, or any in the employ within a school setting, or through those who work as first-responders. And the
  • tjsjohanna
    LibraryThing Review Ms. King knows how to weave a tale complete with red herrings and dead ends. There is a curious contrast of types of violence – the kind that comes out of a deep seated need for justice, and the kind
  • Susan.Macura
    LibraryThing Review This is a story torn from too many recent headlines – a school in lockdown due to an active shooter on campus. However, what makes this story so compelling are the insights into many of the

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