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Author: James Patterson
Publisher: Little, Brown
Category: Fiction

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THE STORE IS WATCHING YOU.Jacob and Megan Brandeis have gotten jobs with the mega-successful, ultra-secretive Store. Seems perfect. Seems safe. But their lives are about to become anything but perfect, anything but safe. ALWAYS WATCHING.Especially since Jacob and Megan have a dark secret of their own. They’re writing a book that will expose the Store–a forbidden book, a dangerous book. ALWAYS.And if the Store finds out, there’s only one thing Jacob, Megan and their kids can do–run for their bloody lives. Which is probably impossible, because–THE STORE IS ALWAYS WATCHING.

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  • Cheron Turnley
    A thrill to read This books was filled with intrigue, drama, and comedy The characters personalities jumps off the page. Never a dull moment. The world created in the book is relevant to modern times of today.
  • William King
    James Patterson is my favorite author. I can’t wait to get this book and read it.
  • Sandra Ward
  • Hilda Sosa
    The store I really enjoyed this book..I felt since we are the generation of social media everything I read made me think it can really happen..
  • DellaWanna
    LibraryThing Review A rollicking tale, but no one likes to get played, especially readers, who might take umbrage at certain loose ends in the finale. The first 20 pages are funny, with plenty of inside writer jokes. Suspect Patterson teed it up and let another writer, on a tight deadline, play through.
  • velopunk
    LibraryThing Review The Store is taking over the world. Is it Amazon? It controls its employees with drones, cameras, and neighborhood spies. No criticism of the Store is tolerated. Jacob is determined to write a tell-all expose of the Store.

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