The Good People

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Author: Hannah Kent
Publisher: Little, Brown
Category: Fiction

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Short-listed for the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction One of Entertainment Weekly’s

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  • Beamis12
    LibraryThing Review The book opens with the death of Nora’s husband Martin. Nora is now left to be the sole caretaker of her grandson, a four year old that can neither talk nor walk, screams constantly at night and it
  • lesleynicol
    LibraryThing Review This latest book by this young Australian author was definitely MY BEST READ for 2016. Once again she has done remarkable research into the lives of simple uneducated people some two hundred years ago
  • Carpe_Librum
    LibraryThing Review Burial Rites by Hannah Kent was a sensation a few years ago and readers who loved it will also enjoy her latest novel The Good People. Despite being set in different countries, both novels are set in
  • Christine DeZelar-Tiedman
    The Good People Set in an Irish village in the 1820s, Kent’s harrowing second novel (after Burial Rites) immerses readers in a time and place where folk superstitions mingle with daily life. Though nominally Catholic
  • Barbara Hoffert
    The Good People Having caught our attention with the multi-short-listed Burial Rites, Kent here travels to 19th-century Ireland, where the widowed Nora frets over grandson Micheal, a once happy child unable to walk
  • Thorpe-Bowker and Contributors
    The Good People Nóra Leahy has suffered great misfortune. It is 1825 in the far west of Ireland, and her beloved husband has just died, most ominously, at a crossroads, only a few months after their daughter’s death
  • LordKinbote
    LibraryThing Review The Good People is an incredible read but I’m not quite sure how to describe it. It is filled with a great sense of place, atmosphere, and an unsettling sense of foreboding. The central three

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