The Switch

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Author: Joseph Finder
Publisher: Penguin
Category: Fiction

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A simple mix up throws one innocent man into the crosshairs of sinister government secrets and ruthless political ambitions in New York Times bestselling author Joseph Finder’s timely, electrifying new thriller.Michael Tanner is on his way home from a business trip when he accidentally picks up the wrong MacBook in an airport security line. He doesn’t notice the mix-up until he arrives home in Boston, but by then it’s too late. Tanner’s curiosity gets the better of him when he discovers that the owner is a US senator and that the laptop contains top secret files.    
  When Senator Susan Robbins realizes she’s come back with the wrong laptop, she calls her young chief of staff, Will Abbott, in a panic. Both know that the senator broke the law by uploading classified documents onto her personal computer. If those documents wind up in the wrong hands, it could be Snowden 2.0 and her career in politics will be over. She needs to recover the MacBook before it’s too late.
  When Will fails to gain Tanner’s cooperation, he is forced to take measures to retrieve the laptop before a bigger security breach is revealed.  He turns to an unscrupulous “fixer” for help.  In the meantime, the security agency whose files the senator has appropriated has its own methods, darker still and suddenly Tanner finds himself a hunted man, on the run, terrified for the safety of his family, in desperate need of a plan, and able to trust no one.

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  • Mark McDonald
    Timely and fast paced!
  • Ashley Wilson
  • lcjohnson1988
    LibraryThing Review Title: The Switch Author: Joseph Finder Pages: 384 Year: 2017 Publisher: Dutton My rating 4 out of 5 stars. I have never read a Joseph Finder novel. I wanted to read this particular book as the
  • maneekuhi
    LibraryThing Review Joseph Finder, author of “The Switch” (TS) has written more than a dozen novels over a 35 year career. Titles include “The Zero Hour”, High Crimes”, “Killer Instinct”. I read one several years ago
  • Judiex
    LibraryThing Review .Trying to open your laptop after a trip and discovering that you accidently picked up the wrong one while going through the airport security check would be a big problem. You would probably check
  • alekee
    LibraryThing Review From the beginning to when the last page is turned you are waiting for the last shoe to drop. The author kept me on the edge of my seat, and you will be wondering to the end of this book whom will end
  • jfe16
    LibraryThing Review Senator Susan Robbins arrives in Washington, D.C. unknowingly carrying Michael Tanner’s laptop. When she realizes she has the wrong MacBook, she tasks Will Abbott, her chief of staff, with retrieving

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