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Author: Taran Matharu
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
ISBN: 9781250067135
Category: Young Adult Fiction

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He can summon demons. But can he win a war Fletcher is working as a blacksmith’s apprentice when he discovers he has the rare ability to summon demons from another world. Chased from his village for a crime he did not commit, Fletcher must travel with his demon, Ignatius, to an academy for adepts, where the gifted are taught the art of summoning.Along with nobles and commoners, Fletcher endures grueling lessons that will prepare him to serve as a Battlemage in the Empire’s war against the savage Orcs. But sinister forces infect new friendships and rivalries grow. With no one but Ignatius by his side, Fletcher must decide where his loyalties lie. The fate of the Empire is in his hands.

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  • Adam Hostetter
    For Harry Potter and Pokemon fans. Couldn’t stop reading it. It’s like a fusion of Harry Potter and Pokemon. Loved it.
  • David Williams
    Well told rags to riches in a magic way. Well written and engaging. I have read all of the Summoner books and have enjoyed each and every one.
  • C.L. Smith
    Good effort, I think a few extra drafts would have helped. The author should read On Writing by Stephen King. I think he would learn a lot, and his stories would benefit for the better.
  • Connor Wilson
    A great time passer Bought this book because I needed something to read at work. Turned out to be an amazing read and also a great time passer. Although I will say the ending was a bit abrupt.
  • Keenan Chappelle
  • Howard Benson
    Ranks up in the line of some of the best stories I have read
  • Bj Green
    Great to read, didn’t want to put it down. Demons, magic, sword fights.
  • Caleb Mcmullen
    It was Great! Had all of my favorite fantasy aspects. Good job!
  • Kasum Dahlem-Gore
    This book was fantastic, I couldn’t put it down. There are subtle hints of foreshadowing though that doesn’t leave to much room for surprises.

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