Can't Buy Me Love (Butler, Vermont Series)

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Author: Marie Force
Publisher: HTJB, Inc.
Category: Fiction

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Mary Larkin was hard at work as the office manager at the Green Mountain Country Store when Cameron Murphy brought her dad, Patrick, in to visit. That fateful first meeting, which took place in You’ll Be Mine, sets the stage for Mary and Patrick’s long-awaited romance in Can’t Buy Me Love! Mary enjoys her predictable, satisfying life in Butler. If it’s a little lacking in excitement, well, that’s okay with her. But after meeting Patrick and getting to know him better at his daughter’s wedding, Mary is intrigued by the well-known, sexy billionaire businessman. Patrick is equally intrigued. For the first time since he suddenly lost his wife thirty years ago, he has met a woman who makes him feel less lonely, and all he wants is more of his Sweet Mary from Vermont. Flirty phone calls become a weekend away together that takes his relationship with Mary to the next level.
But with six hours and two vastly different lives standing between them, can Mary and Patrick find happily ever after together
And after telling her father to keep his hands and everything else off Mary, will Cameron approve of her father’s new romance
Reading Order Green Mountain Series Book 1: All You Need Is Love (Will & Cameron) Book 2: I Want to Hold Your Hand (Hannah & Nolan) Book 3: I Saw Her Standing There (Colton & Lucy) Book 4: And I Love Her (Hunter & Megan) Novella: You’ll Be Mine (Will & Cameron’s Wedding) Book 5: It's Only Love (Ella & Gavin) Book 6: Ain’t She Sweet (Charley & Tyler) Butler, Vermont Series Book 1: Every Little Thing (Grayson & Emma) Book 2: Can't Buy Me Love (Patrick & Mary)

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  • Cheryl Williams
  • Tracey Kruger
    Mary Larkin has made a happy, if not very exciting, life for herself in Butler. Surrounded by the people that she loves, in a place that she loves and feels an integral part of, she’s satisfied with the life that she has. Until. Until Patrick Murphy, jet-setting, billionaire, handsome as sin Patrick Murphy shows up in Butler for the wedding of his daughter to hometown boy Will Abbott. Patrick Murphy has been in love only once in his life, but tragedy took his young wife, leaving him to raise his daughter alone. Afraid to take a chance with his heart again, Patrick has spent his life building his business, but knows from the moment he meets her that Mary is something different. As a longtime fan of author Marie Force, a reader in love with Butler, VT, and it’s citizens, and a woman of a certain age, you might imagine that I was veeerrry happy to get my hands on CAN’T BUY ME LOVE. I mean, a place and characters that are some of my favorites, plus a bit of a Cinderella story involving a more mature couple? Yes, please. CAN’T BUY ME LOVE is the second book in the Butler, VT, series by Marie, which is an offshoot of her Green Mountain series. This small town in Vermont, with its colorful inhabitants (shout out to Fred the Moose!), has won my heart since the very first book. I love seeing the relationship between Mary and Patrick evolving, and that Marie has given us more mature characters with this read. There is no shortage of romance, passion, and wooing, and I really enjoy that Marie has written Mary as strong and self-sufficient, holding her own against Patrick’s strong and persuasive personality. And seeing Patrick open his heart the possibility of more with Mary made the hopeless romantic in me swoon. CAN’T BUY ME love is, at the heart of things a feel-good read, and, as a fan of the HEA, I happily give it 4.5 second-chance stars. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know the good folks of Butler, do so, because they are a truly wonderful bunch. NOTE: You can read all about Mary’s and Patrick’s first meeting in YOU’LL BE MINE, a Green Mountain novella.
  • Erin Lewis
    I have been waiting not so patiently for Mary Larkin and Patrick Murphy’s story and all I can say is it was so worth the wait. Mary and Patrick met when he visited town for his daughter Cameron’s wedding.Mary, the office manager at the Abbott’s Green Mountain Country Store is intrigued by the obscenely rich, suave and debonair Patrick; whilst he is just as interested. Patrick despite being warned off by Cameron, engages in a mild flirtation with Mary, which quickly escalates. Will Cameron approve of their fledgling relationship? Their worlds are poles apart, not to mention they live 6 hours apart. Mary loves her life in Butler, whilst Patrick spends his time jetting around the world or in high powered business meetings. Can their relationship survive the distance or the differences? I read this book in one sitting, I was so entranced and riveted to the story. Marie Force. I love that the Abbotts pop in throughout the book and as always it was great to catch up with them. To be perfectly honest, I would love to be adopted by this family. It is an extremely well written sweet, sexy and romantic book and I have to say a refreshing change to read about a couple who are older. Marie Force’s characters are often slightly flawed, yet so realistic and relatable that you cannot help but be drawn in. Can’t Buy Me Love shows us that you are never to old to find love. This is one of my most favourite series and one I highly recommend. I cannot wait for more .
  • Jackie Wright
    Marie Force is one of my go to authors and in this series this was the book I have been waiting for, after all what’s not to love about a hot billionaire businessman and a woman who leads a normal life working at the Green Mountain Store. Mary met Patrick when he was in town for his daughter Cameron’s wedding, he was told by Cameron do not touch Mary she is off limits but that didn’t stop the hot billionaire. Mary is the office manager at the Green Mountain Store, she is happy with her life in Butler or is she . Will the sizzling chemistry be enough when you live 6 hours apart, she knows his life in in New York and her life is in Butler, two very different people and two very different lifestyles but as they say “opposites attract” when they start chatting on the phone everyday they start to realise maybe they aren’t that different, they both are ready to settle down and a secret weekend away seals the deal but who is going to give up their lifestyle guess you need to read the book to find that out .. Once again this author gives us characters with depth, a believable storyline and just the right amount of emotion mixed with some hot scenes. Patrick and Mary’s story was the book a lot of readers have been waiting for and it did not disappoint. Great Job Marie a fantastic addiction to already brilliant series.
  • Lisa Shopbell
    Loved it.
  • Isha Coleman
    My major draw to any author is an ability I like to call author’s intuition. All authors have it. Some are better at it than others, but knowing what appeals to readers is an absolute MUST. Whether tempting with subtlety, seducing with heat or teetering on the edge of danger, Marie Force knows how to get inside a readers head and appeal to their deepest emotions. Buried within every story she creates and each character she writes are the fears we struggle with, the values that we’ve come to love and the hope for our own happily ever after. The faces may be different, but the inner core of the human spirit is wrapped up inside with precious care and heartwarming optimism. Can’t Buy Me Love proves that love does not have an age limit and happiness never dies but dreams really can come true.
  • Elizabeth H.
    Any story that takes me back to Butler, Vermont is a great book! And this one is extra special! I absolutely love Mary and Patrick together. Their chemistry was explosive and their romance was oh so sweet! And it’s not complete unless there’s page time with the large and loud Abbott family. It’s always fun to catch up with this crazy bunch. There’s also a bonus epilogue with some hints about the next book! I’m really looking forward to it! CAN’T BUY ME LOVE is a lovely read that will have your heart full to busting with all the good feels! I highly recommend this or any book in the Butler, VT or Green Mountain series! ***I voluntarily read a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and feelings are my own***
  • beckymmoe
    LibraryThing Review A sweet story, but There really isn’t any conflict here, other than the most superficial. If Patrick and Mary really become a “thing” where will they live? If Patrick tells his daughter the secret

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